Future of the Protractor Automation Tool compare to Selenium and UFT?

Future of the Protractor Automation Tool

So in this blog we are going to learn about future of The protractor automation tool And its comparison to Selenium and UFT. so first thing first you should know , what is protractor, Selenium and UFT. we all know that UFT and Selenium are also the automation tool. UFT was widely used few decades back but now people got much more better and free tool for doing the same job which is called Selenium therefore many clients and companies are moving towards Selenium and shifting their automation framework from UFT to Selenium.

Selenium is automation tool used for web based applications. Selenium is automation tool which is freeware and you can write Selenium script in many different languages like Java, python, pearl etc. likewise protector is also automation tool to be said in more simple words protector is a node JS application we have to install npm package to get started with protector. 

 Selenium can be used to automate any web based application. it doesn’t matter on which technology the application has been built maybe the you have the application is develop in JavaScript , Angular JS, Java, React JS, etc. we can automate that application using Selenium.

On the other side protractor is used to automate angularjs application only. So it doesn’t make a sense to compare protractor and Selenium as both are different independent tools and people are using them as per their requirement.To use protractor we have to install Selenium npm packages along with webdriver-manager packages to start with the protractor.

It is recommended to use protractor for Angular JS applications. Protractor use Jasmine framework internally. Future of the protractor automation tool is very bright as Angular Js applications are very good applications they are very fast . UI is also very good so people are using Angular Js. So in result  demand of the protractor will also increase eventually.

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Author: Saad Mansuri

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