Types of Interview

Types of Interview

Types of Interview

Hi and welcome to another discussion on types of  interview. This time about the types of interviews employers use when deciding who to hire.A job interview is the deciding factor when it comes to getting the job. Hiring the wrong person can be costly. That’s why employers often utilize more than one interview  type when finding the best person for the job. So you’re aware of what you’ll encounter when having an interview here are

6 common Types of Interview

  • Traditional and Behavioral interviewing
  • Follow up interviews,
  • Video or Phone interviews,
  • Group  interviews
  • Panel interviews.

Traditional interviewing involves asking about your skills and experience to determine if you’re the right person for the job.

Depending what stage the interview takes place, it may be held in a professional setting such as their office. Or, a more relaxed location such as a nearby café. Make sure you’ve prepared and practised your answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Highlight your skills and experience in your answers

Don’t forget to highlight your skills and experience in your answers by including examples demonstrating how you used or gained those skills and experience. Traditional interviewing does have some shortfalls though. The questions asked are often closed ended, and don’t identify how someone would behave in a given situation.

Behavioral Interview

Behavioral  types of interview are very common. Behavioral interviewing is about assessing how a person will act in different situations by asking them to about their work history. You’ll be asked hypothetical questions designed to test your problem solving and analytical skills, reveal your personality traits, and show how you behave when working with others. 

After you’ve completed one interview an employer may ask you to come back for additional interviews At this stage you’ll be competing with a smaller number of candidates than there were during the initial interview.

They are interested in you, so make sure you really focus on your most important and relevant skills, as well as your knowledge of the company.

Video or Phone Interviews

Video or Phone types of interview are often the first point of contact you’ll have with the employer. If they like what they hear they might invite you in for a face to face interview. They’re easy to conduct because they require little more than a phone or webcam. Before you have an interview via phone or webcam make sure your equipment is working. 

You don’t want to waste the interviewer’s time with bad picture or sound quality. It won’t leave a good first impression. For video interviews, dress professionally, and make sure the surrounding area is clean. Dressing professionally will be for nothing if they’re distracted by the mess they can see behind you. Group types of interview  are used when communication skills are important.

While the interview” is being conducted they’ll be able to see how well you conduct yourself, and how you interact with others in a group setting. From this they’ll be able to assess your communication and interpersonal skills.

Group Interview

When taking part in a group interview it’s important to make sure your voice is heard without being rude. Make sure not to interrupt or speak over the top of others, and be respectful of the other interviewees even if you disagree with what they have to say

Panel Interview

Panel types of interview involve two or more interviewers. Each interviewer will ask you questions relating to their specific position or area within the company. This saves time because you don’t have to attend several one on one interviews. 

Panel types of interview allow a group of people to come to a consensus about who’s the right person for the job. These interviews can be intimidating, especially with everyone staring and judging what you’re saying.

Be sure to make eye contact with the person who is currently speaking, and when answering one of their questions. When you’re leaving don’t forget to thank each interviewer.

An employer may use all, a few, or only one of these types of interview during the hiring process. The important thing is you’re prepared. As always if you want any of the information talked about in this video. Check out the article on Let’s Get Working, which contains everything we discussed. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment.

Author: Saad Mansuri

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