What is the future of automation QA testing ?

future of automation QA testing

Future of automation QA testing

Automation QA will be having a very good future we should not be worry about that Because automation is the need of future as we can see lots of application are getting developed everyday and it is not possible for a manual tester to do regression after every release even after someone does regression testing after every release it is not possible to cover all the test cases manually.

Nowadays devops is very demanding into the market and the automation of the script is a part of devops so you can see in new and latest frameworks automation testing is coming by default.  you don’t need to get get worried about the future of automation QA the future of operation is really very bright.

Let me tell you the current scenario of the industry and having a total for your experience into the IT and best on my experience and telling that there is no other option than using automation for testing there are so many different tools now currently Selenium is really used widely into the industry a large banks like Barclays , Citi , Bank Julius Baer, HDFC, ICICI , and all other major banks are using Selenium for automating their web applications.

 so now you tell me if all these big banks are using Selenium and their automating their web applications just going to be a huge requirement into the market. and let me clear you one thing for automation requirement was there and will be there just a good company need a good resources which is what we are lacking today.

My last point But not list make yourself across skilled person as a QA automation tester you should be able to do scripting you should know How to use Jenkins different deployment tools you should also know some scripting language like JavaScript you should also know how to do manual testing as well

If you are interested to crack Selenium interview you can click on this link for Selenium interview questions. I hope you like this blog please comment down below your thoughts and let me know what do you think about automation future.

Author: Saad Mansuri

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